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Our Credit repair process involves checking your credit reports for inaccurate information and disputing any mistakes by filing complaints with the credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) or creditors.

This is something you can do on your own at no cost. However, the process can be tedious, especially if your reports have multiple errors.

Credit Repair is a “Do it Yourself (DIY)” process, that YOU Can complete on your own, the advantage of using our team is that we are EXPERTS in this field and have had great results in the past for clients. TO date we have not been able to deliver results for our CLIENTS.

How do credit repair companies work?

Axion Employs a simple but comprehensive 4 Step Process:


Our team walk you through the process, pull your credit reports from all three bureaus and determine if you’d be a good candidate for credit repair. They may also offer personal finance advice to help you achieve a good credit score. We will also go over the two types of pricing models that are available.

Limited power of attorney and written consent

Our company’s representatives will inform you if they find mistakes in your file. They’ll then send you a written contract giving them limited power of attorney, that is, the legal right to act on your behalf.

Challenge items

With your legal consent, we will begin to dispute inaccuracies with your creditors and the major credit bureaus. Inaccurate items on your credit report can include tax liens or foreclosures that don’t belong to you, duplicate accounts, bankruptcies or outdated information.

We’ve notified them, credit reporting agencies must then investigate within 30 days of receiving the dispute. Once they confirm them as errors, they’ll remove them from your credit profile.

Progress reports

We will track your disputes’ progress and update you frequently on the status of each disputed item. They will usually send progress reports along with an updated copy of your credit report so you can review the changes. Axion proactively alerts you of all changes on your report, at a min every 3-4 weeks our credit specialist will notify you of ANY changes on your credit file.

There are some things to keep in mind when you’re trying to rebuild your credit history.

What you should know before hiring a credit repair company

There are some things to keep in mind when you’re trying to rebuild your credit history.

  • Do NOT become discouraged if you receive letters from the Bureaus of Creditors as this is typical
  • Do NOT panic if your score drops

Negative Items are removed…but my score didn’t change!

Your credit score is calculated based off the information in your credit report. To create your score, the information is broken down into different categories or factors. These factors may be weighed differently based on their importance. For instance, your payment history and utilization tend to carry the most weight in calculating your score.

Why did my credit score drop?

When information is updated in your credit report, your score may change as well. By how much depends on the nature of the updated information. Because information in your credit reports may be updated frequently, changes that cause your score to fluctuate may not be obvious.

There are also different scoring models and many companies that provide credit scores. Scoring models may change over time as they update how information is processed and a score is calculated. It’s common to see differences in scores from one model to the next. That said, if you see a big drop in your score, it’s usually triggered by something specific.

Below are some common reasons why you might see a drop in your credit score, along with what to look for on your report.

Credit repair takes time

It can take from three months to a year to see an improvement in your credit report.

Not all negative information can be removed

Late or missed payments, hard inquiries, charge-offs, repossessions and debt collections can only be removed if the information is inaccurate or outdated.

You should stay away from companies that guarantee they can remove accurate information from your report or promise you a new credit identity, for example.

For steps on how to deal with negative items that cannot be removed, read our guide on how to repair bad credit.

You have to do some of the legwork

You may have to provide credit repair agencies with documentation to support disputes of negative information on your credit report.

Most companies have setup fees

Axion’s Initial Admin fee is $99, this covers the clients electronic license to the client portal for secure access and account maintenance, it is a ONE TIME FEE. Most credit repair companies charge an initial fee (also called setup or first work fee) that can range anywhere between $15 to $200. This fee is used to set up your account, which may involve gathering your personal and financial information and creating a strategic plan for your particular credit situation.

Credit repair companies can’t charge you in advance for their services

WE DO NOT CHARGE YOU IN ADVANCE, THIS IS ILLEGAL. Once you pay the setup fee, NO COMPANY can’t make any additional charges unless they prove that the services offered to you in their contract are being fulfilled.

Legitimate credit repair companies should include a copy of the Consumer Credit File Rights

In your AXION Agreement, we provide you with ALL RIGHTS UNDER CROA, FCRA and the CFPB’s consumer best practices reference. Under the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA), credit repair companies must give you a written contract outlining their services before receiving any payment from you. The agencies must also give you a copy of the “Consumer Credit File Rights Under State and Federal Law,” a document that is meant to inform you of your right to order credit reports and dispute inaccurate information yourself.

You have the right to cancel any services without incurring any penalties within 3 business days

Our CLIENTS may cancel at any time. (see terms and conditions) The CROA also states that you have the right to back out of a contract within three business days without any charges or cancellation fees. This is also stipulated by the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC)’s Cooling-Off Rule.

Your security.
Our priority.

We always have your security in mind. Rest easy knowing your data is encrypted for enhanced protection.


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