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Is there a reason you don’t achieve affiliate marketing goals?

Being a certified affiliate marketing expert for over five years, I found out that most affiliate program owners and affiliate marketers don’t achieve their affiliate marketing goals. In these challenging economic times, you can’t afford to leave money on the table.

Using SEO, Content Marketing, and lead generation, I’ve managed to increase traffic, leads, and revenue by at least 35% for affiliate marketers and managers.

Curious to find out how much revenue you’re not banking and which digital assets you are wasting? Or how can an affiliate marketing consultant help you?

Here is how I help my customers step up their affiliate marketing game:

Start an Affiliate Marketing Program

Grow your Affiliate Program

Be an Affiliate Marketing Expert

Make money with Affiliate Marketing

Who are you?

I am Saad EL [LinKedin profile ], an international affiliate marketing consultant who has been making a killing online through a network of digital brands for over ten years with affiliate marketing.

I've been helping struggling Vendors & brands with marketing tips & strategies for many years.
I've personally created & successfully marketed over 40 info products in various niche markets, as well as helped dozens of struggling merchants and product owners, create and manage their very own hot-selling niche product and launch it on top affiliate networks such as ClickBank, JVZOO, ShareAsale and more.

How Can an Affiliate Marketing Consultant Help me?

Over the past three years, I have helped over 50 online businesses and affiliate marketers to step up their digital presence and increase profits.

I can help you to:

Affiliate Marketing Consultant for Businesses

Plan your affiliate marketing program to become an effective sales channel.
Evaluate your affiliate marketing strategy and offer growth suggestions.
Set up the program (platform, terms, plans, integrations, creatives, etc.).
Grow your affiliate marketing program (affiliate recruitment, lead generation).
Affiliate manager training for your employees.
Do a 360% degree affiliate program audit (profitability, competition, opportunities).
Evaluate all your digital assets (contacts, audiences, traffic, lists, content).
Answer all your questions related to Affiliate marketing and offer actionable advice.

Affiliate Marketing Consultant for Publishers

Do a 360% degree check on a market and niche (profitability, competition, opportunities).
Learn how to build or buy an authority affiliate marketing website.
Evaluate all your digital assets and show how to monetize them with affiliate marketing.
Investigate your monetization affiliate marketing strategy and offer growth suggestions.
Show how to select the best affiliate programs for your niche and get approved.
Teach how to make more money with affiliate marketing.
Do digital competitive intelligence for both affiliate program owners and publishers.
Answer all your SEO & Affiliate marketing questions and offer actionable advice.

Benefits of working with an affiliate marketing consultant

Working with me has several benefits that you will not find anywhere else. That’s because I’ve developed the affiliate marketing consultancy process to be actionable and to offer insights that will grow your business.

Here are several benefits you will enjoy by working with me:

You will know exactly what can be improved on your affiliate marketing strategy and the costs associated.
You will find out how much money you leave on the table every month.
Get actionable advice on what you should and shouldn’t do next to achieve results.
Achieve clarity on your Affiliate marketing plans.
Flexible appointment options (Date, time, and conferencing solution).
Ask as many questions as you like and leave with your questions answered.
Receive an actionable conclusion paper at the end of the meeting.

Why Choose Me As Your Consultant?

While I like to think that client results and testimonials speak for themselves. There are a few specific reasons why you should choose me as your Affiliate marketing consultant:

Have a solid online business background rooted in sales & marketing.

Know how to build and scale businesses with SEO & Affiliate marketing.

Know how to lead and educate teams, including process creation & management.

Enjoy helping you grow and see you succeed.

Take the guesswork out of your plans to focus on doing what you do best.

Use actionable data and do the research live using premium tools (Semrush, Ahrefs, GA, etc.).

I am honest, upfront, and realistic.

Plus… you’ll get access to all of my affiliate marketing experiments’ results, guides, and learnings.


Industries and Expertise

Each industry or niche has its particularities. That’s why working with someone who knows your business is mandatory.

As an affiliate marketing consultant, I have extensive expertise in the following niches:

Financial Services


Digital Marketing Agencies



eSports & Gambling


Case study – Monetization with Affiliate Marketing

On, we’ve started to receive several hundred visitors each month on our SEO guides for WordPress. These visitors were small business entrepreneurs who didn’t want to purchase our SEO services but rather optimize their websites on their own.

To monetize this audience, we did some research to find relevant DIY SEO products. I signed up for the SEOPress affiliate program, and then we created a guide and promoted it smartly by driving traffic to the deal page.

The conversion rate is 23.27%, meaning that one out of four visitors who check purchase it.

Customers & Reviews

I helped more than 50 companies to meet their digital marketing KPIs. Here are several of them:

The Media Care Payment Advisory Commission  

Social Security Administration


National Industries For The Blind

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