Month: September 2022

what is the 15-3 credit Hack

Why paying your credit card bill twice a month could help your credit score Blog Introduction: You’ve probably been told that you should pay your credit card bill in full every month to avoid accruing interest and damaging your credit score. But did you know that there’s another way to keep your credit score high? […]
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Goodwill Letter Requests

Goodwill Letter Requests   You can also send an email to someone who is not reporting negative information to credit bureaus even if you had paid for the account. This method is the most efficient method if you have a record of timely payments. Creditors do not have any obligation to stop the payments. Be aware that […]
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6 Credit Card Tips to Help Prepare for the Holidays

Is it too soon to start planning your end-of-year holiday events? That may be debatable but we all know how quick retailers are to take advantage of increased sales brought on by holiday shoppers. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, most retailers are already advertising for their big shopping events and Black Friday deals. If […]
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